Saturday, 27 February 2010

First Year. LCC '09

we had a line to create a typeface with in a one day workshop. Photocopier fun commenced.

prototype for a solar powered light. During the day solar panel absorbs the light, whilst at night that energy is used to power the light that illuminates to reveal a message.
a night narrative, I used layers of my typeface to create it.
the typeface is the only thing you see in the piece.


Hidden London
what if you could map each person's movements in a city?
-how many times do we follow the same path, retrace our footsteps, do we leave echoes?
-do we walk alone?

We were briefed to write a manifesto about something we were passionate about. At the time I had just got off an hours tube journey sandwiched between 4 people. This was the result. 7 rules for each day of the week.

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